About us

One Acre Fund is an agricultural service provider that supports Africa's smallholder farmers to build resilient communities.

More than 50 million families in Sub-Saharan Africa earn a living from small farms, which produce 80 percent of the continent’s food. But harvests still lag far behind the rest of the world. We supply the financing and training these farmers need to grow their way out of hunger and build lasting pathways to prosperity.

Instead of giving handouts, we invest in farmers to help them increase their yields and their profits. When farmers become more productive, they help feed healthy communities and create thriving economies. They also reduce environmental pressure by doing more with less land.

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Our founding story

For smallholder farmers, the line between flourishing and struggling often comes down to small differences in planting technique and the quality of seeds and supplies. Providing access to better farm products — such as naturally-produced hybrid seed and a small amount of fertilizer — and education on farming techniques became the driving mission behind One Acre Fund. Started in 2006 by co-founders Andrew Youn, Eric Pohlman, and John Gachunga, One Acre Fund addresses these solvable problems so that farmers have what they need to thrive.

Women farmer with cobs of maize

Read our 2022 annual report

This annual report provides an overview of our 2022 work and results, including notable highlights, updated key metrics by country, and deep dives on our Nigeria program, impact performance, how our new climate commitments are affecting farmers, and how we are expanding into new impact channels with a path towards financial breakeven.