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Our work in Burundi

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Since 2011, we have worked with farmers in Burundi to help them build permanent pathways out of poverty. We operate in Burundi under the local brand Tubura. 

Over 90% of the population in Burundi relies on subsistence farming, yet 70% of Burundians are food insecure and live in extreme poverty. The training and products we offer on credit are in very high demand here.

This program includes loans for seed, fertilizer and products like solar lights and sanitary pads, physical distribution of farm inputs, training on agricultural techniques, and market support to maximize harvest profits. It boosts farmer incomes enough to alleviate chronic hunger and enable new productive investments that lift smallholder farmers out of poverty over time.

How We Serve Farmers

With few alternatives for rural smallholders to obtain training and inputs on credit, demand for our program has been consistently high. To supplement our regular bundle of services, we also focus on ways to broaden our impact, including:

  • Offering our services to co-op groups set up by the government of Burundi to help promote commercialization.
  • Building an agroforestry program that will generate income for rural farmers while also benefiting the environment and improving soil health.
  • Exploring crop commercialization initiatives as an impactful income diversification strategy for rural subsistence farmers.
Farmers in Burundi receive a training from their field officer
Our tailored trainings, delivered by Field Officers, help farmers to get the most from their products

Invest in Farmers

Farmers choose to work with One Acre Fund to improve their farms and their lives. A donation helps One Acre Fund serve more hard-working farm families in Burundi.

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A farmer in Burundi stands in her field